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About Squeegee Master

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Squeegee Master. You might be wondering, “why should I choose this company?” Well, the answer has 3 simple reasons. First, we have a cleaning team that is full of stamina. They use all their energies to clean your home or business, and leave them smelling of roses.

Second, we do business following the values of respect, punctuality, teamwork, honesty, and high-quality.

Last but not least, all of our workers are trustworthy. Besides that, all of our workers have a great ability to handle all the cleaning tools, green products, and equipment, they’ll never touch your belongings and will definitely take care of your home or offices.

Squeegee Master


Squeegee Master

Our mission is to keep your home or business offices sparkly clean; free of germs, dirt, and grime.


Squeegee Master

We also aim to become the leading company in all Sonoma County CA within the next 5 years.

Squeegee Master
Squeegee Master

Why Choose Us?

Squeegee Master

Save the hassle, headaches and time of cleaning and choose the professional our house cleaning services. Not only do we save you time but we are easy on the pocket book. Get in touch with us so that you can have a first-hand experience of the cleansing magic we offer.

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Copyright 2024 Squeegee Master
All Rights Reserved